SUNSCAD hires one full-time staff person to help out with administrative work all year.


Resource Coordinator

Tara Fleming

  • Assist and support the SUNSCAD Executives.
  • Assisting SUNSCAD Executives with the production of the Annual Report for the year-end
  • Assist at the Annual General Meeting
    • Assisting VP Finance with development of financial strategy and long-term financial planning.
    • Reporting to the SUNSCAD President on a day to day basis.

Other Student Positions


  • Hired through NSCAD to work as bartenders in NSCAD/SUNSCAD events.


  • Responsible for calling and organizing Council, General and Annual General Meetings.
  • Help Develop an agenda for each meeting.

Chief Returning Officer

  • Responsible for organizing SUNSCAD Counsellor, Executive and Valedictorian Elections.
  • Responsible for following and keeping track of electoral protocols.

SUNSCAD Secretary              

  • Takes notes for all Executive, Council, General and Annual General Meetings.