The SUNSCAD Council is an integral part of the student union that works alongside the Executives. There are 20 positions, separated into 9 Divisional Representatives and 11 Constituency Representatives. There are currently 10 positions filled and 10 positions vacant.

Divisional Representatives


Art History Rep

Erin Riehl

Craft Rep

Michelle Stanclik

Design Rep

Robin Gu

Film Rep

Blossom Mendoza

Fine Art Rep

Zoe Newell

Foundation Rep

Stephanie St. Amour

Graduate Rep

Merryn Tressider

Media Art Rep


Port Campus Rep


Constituency Representatives

Accessibility Rep

Dena Roland-Khosravi

Black Student’s Rep


Indigenous Rep

Darcie Bernhardt

International Rep



Eli Warriner

Mature Student Rep


Member at Large


Part-time Students’ Rep


Racialized Rep


Students Living in Residence Rep


Women’s Rep


Duties of Councillors

  • Act as a liaison between the group of students who are being represented and the Council.
  • Organize a committee, as necessary, to better address the needs of students who are being represented.
  • Maintain the right to receive funding for the students who are being represented.
  • Help the Executive in the dissemination of the information and implementation of campaigns.
  • Maintain the right to sit on University committees as determined by the Council (not including SUNSCAD committees).
  • Be a member of at least two of the following SUNSCAD committees:
    • a) External Committee (active) 
      • Co-chaired by
        • Kassidy Bernard, President
        • Dena Roland-Khosravi, Accessibility Rep
    • b) Internal Committee
      • Chaired by
        • Michelle Stanclik, Craft Rep
    • c) Constitutional Review Committee (active as By-Law Constitution Committee)
      • Chaired by
        • Isa Wright, VP Academic
    • d) Academic Committee
    • e) Sexual Violence Policy Demand Committee (active for establishment of policy)
      • Co-chaired by
        • Fern Pellerin, VP Cultural
        • Isa Wright, VP Academic

If you are interested in being part of the SUNSCAD Council, click here for the Nomination form! You don’t have to wait for an election to be involved, if you are interested and have filled out the form we can ratify your position at the next council meeting.

Want more information? Contact Tara Fleming at or call (902) 494-8132.